Contain Outbreaks Through Thorough Sanitation

Count on Nashville, TN's trusted infection control services

When influenza shows up in the Davidson County school system, ERT Infection Control will be ready. Our infection control services help curb the spread of sickness by eliminating germs.

Residents of the Nashville, TN area also use infection control services to prepare their homes for immunocompromised loved ones.

Learn more about our disinfection services by calling 615-961-0605 today. We also offer maintenance plans for your convenience.

Sanitizing Solutions

Choose professional disinfection services to remove harmful bacteria and clear mold.

Sanitizing Solutions

Mattress Cleaning

Worried about the bacteria hiding under your sheets? Take advantage of our mattress cleaning service.

Mattress Cleaning

Odor Control

It doesn't feel clean until it smells clean. Count on our team to remove the most set-in odors.

Odor Control

3 reasons to use a mattress cleaning service

Any object can harbor bacteria. You wash your hands, sanitize your keyboard and wash your bedsheets. But what about your mattress? You spend hours every day breathing just inches away from a giant germ trap.

ERT Infection Control's mattress cleaning service:

1. Eliminates harmful bacteria
2. Stops mold growth
3. Deodorizes fabric

Rest assured your mattress is safe. Talk to an infection control technician today.

Create a pleasant environment with odor control services

When you work with ERT Infection Control, your property will even smell clean. That's because we offer odor control along with our sanitation services. No matter what's offending your sense of smell, you can trust our team to get rid of it.

Ask about our pet-safe, eco-friendly odor control formula when you call our Nashville, TN location today.