Are You Breathing In Harmful Air Particles?

Schedule duct sanitizing services in Nashville, TN
Your air ducts play a crucial role to the health and safety of your building. If there are harmful contaminates in your air ducts, you could be at risk for disease or lung problems. That’s why ERT Infection Control provides duct sanitizing and duct cleaning services in the Nashville, TN area.

From debris removal to complete contaminate elimination, ERT Infection Control will make sure your air ducts are flowing with clean, fresh air. Call 615-403-2524 right now to set up duct cleaning services.

When ERT Infection Control provides duct sanitizing services, we’re thorough to ensure that your ducts are completely free of all contaminates. When cleaning out your ducts, you can expect us to:
Clean with a brush to agitate the debris
Loosen the debris, making sure all particles are detached
Use a truck-mounted HEPA vacuum to remove debris
Once we’re finished with our debris removal and duct cleaning, your ducts will be completely sanitized. Set up duct cleaning services in Nashville, TN today.