Get a Healthy Night’s Rest

Discover a reliable mattress cleaning service in Nashville, TN
You’ve heard mattress ads telling you how many pounds of dust and sweat are in your mattress. What those ads won’t tell you is that a new mattress isn’t the only solution. ERT Infection Control offers multi-stage mattress cleaning service in Nashville, Tennessee and the surrounding area.

You’ll sleep easily after you schedule a professional mattress sanitation appointment.

See why mattress sanitation is so important

How do you know your mattress is really clean? ERT Infection Control uses a powerful ozone generator to kill bacteria and eliminate odors. Our mattress cleaning service is ideal for…


Keep allergens and contaminants away from your young children.

Senior citizens

Let someone else do the heavy lifting for your mattress sanitation.

College dormitories

Cut down on mattress replacement costs by getting your current ones cleaned.
Count on us to sanitize your mattress from the inside out. Dial 615-403-2524 now to arrange for mattress sanitation service in the Nashville, TN area.