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Nothing creates a bad first impression like a foul odor. If there’s an unpleasant smell in your home, office or school, count on us to remove it.

Worried about filling your space with dangerous chemicals? ERT Infection Control uses an eco-friendly odor control formula that’s safe to touch. Trust us to remove odors from your child’s toys with this nontoxic solution.

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Benefits of working with a professional odor removal service

Most DIY odor removal products leave a stronger scent than the one they removed. It makes you wonder what’s in them and whether it’s something you should be breathing. ERT Infection Control’s environmentally friendly hydroxyl ozone and hypochlorous acid solution removes odors from…


The aroma of animal droppings and carcasses can make your property seem uninhabitable.


Smells from pet stains can remain long after the mess has been removed.


Musty odors tend to linger, even after repairs have been completed.
Return your property to normal with help from Nashville, Tennessee’s safe odor control company.